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Important news

31.01.2017 - New address ranges available, more than 200 successful transactions!

Again new IP-Networks with more than 100.000 IPv4-Addresses are available from our sellers. Attractive offers are waiting. At end of 2016 we did more than 200 successful IPv4-transactions for our customers!

06.12.2012 - New address ranges available, Pricecounter updated!

Despite the continuing exhaustion of IP-Address ranges, we were able to aquire new IP-Address blocks.
Further shortage is expected. On a regular basis our pricecounter is updated, based on completed transactions.

Please note that prices may vary depending on range size and history. This indication is no offer, but a calculatory basis.

09.10.2012 - Success! First Inter-RIR transfer of IP-Addresses is finished!

APNIC (Asia-Pacific region) has finished the first Inter-RIR IPv4 transfer of an address range from ARIN (North America)!
With this (accompanied by broker) transfer, there is a first important precedent available.
The IP-Address market is further tightening. Buyers should take the available chances, sellers should utilize the high price point.

14.09.2012 - RIPE distributes last /8 block, IP-Addresses are exhausting!

RIPE's IP-Address supply reached the last /8 block. (16.7 million addresses)
Latest utilization rate were about 8 millione IP-Addresses per month.
Providers are getting ultimately a single /22 Block (1024 addresses) from RIPE.
From now on the ipv4 crisis is getting worse and stocks at providers will deplete fast!
Act now and save your company from disastrous impact of IP-Address shortage!